Sunday, November 29, 2009

Minx brings fashion to fingertips

Vibrant nail polishes and dazzling designs have made any traditional manicure exciting but with Minx mania in full effect “traditions” are meant to be broken.
Minx have been worn by some of the most notable celebrities and even the “number one diva in the game,” Beyonce, has certified them herself.
Minx are thin film decorated strips that are laid over your natural nail. The best part is that Minx is not liquid and no harsh chemicals or fumes are involved in the process of applying Minx to your nail.
According to, Minx exploded on the scene in less than a year ago with a mission to “extend fashion to the nails.”
Minx is a quick and easy process, so less time in nail shop and more time added to your daily schedule. The even sweeter part about Minx is you do not have to worry about your nails chipping. So forget about random touch ups during the day or walking out of the salon without trying to mess up your nail masterpiece, it all stays intact.
The only hiccup about Minx is that you can not find them everywhere…yet. In fact, a certified Minx manicurist is the only person that can apply them on your nails.
So where do you get them you may ask? For a complete list of your local salons that work with Minx go to

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