Friday, November 20, 2009

Something New...

Okay so....I am so new to this whole blogging world but people I know with sites speak highly of being a blogger so I felt like why not try it? I think the hardest part of making this blog was figuring out a catchy, short and sweet name. Let me tell you honey, it took a minute but I must say I am proud to say after a few weeks (yes I said weeks!) I came up with the name "The Lipstick Memoir" (P.S. I wanted to add an "s" but blogger said it wasn't available...rats!). I think the title of my blog most certainly fits my personality. What can I say I am a girlie girl with a sicking fetish for all things fashion (that's where we get the "lipstick") and the "memoir" part came from my personal obession with writing. Yes! I am a writer dolls. So I am looking to give this whole blogging thing a whirl...please don't judge me for my mistakes...remember this is something new.

Any suggestions, ideas, comments (concerns aren't welcomed here because it's MINE) would greatly be appreciated!

Until next time dolls,


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