Friday, December 25, 2009

Every Girl Has a Color...

It is no secret that most girls have a love for make up. For many of us, it is an absolute necessity of survival and for some not so much. One thing most girls can agree on is... it's all in the lips. In order to put on your "face," it does require applications such as eye shadows, concealers, foundations, blushes, mascara, eye liner, eye primer etc. but really it's the lipstick color that gels the whole look together. In fact, lipstick colors (or nail colors) are noticeable clues that can reveal (sometimes) the mood of that girl. Simply put, lipstick colors are like mood rings, reading the lips isn't easy but there is information there... if you are observant. Most guys or gals over look this quality, instead, they are just amused by a set of colorful lips but they never really think about why that particular shade was worn? There are many reasons of course but I'd like to think there is a story behind each shade. Each lipstick color offers up a clue. Some of the lipstick shades relate to my life and some of them don't but one thing for sure is every girl has a shade. It's never easy to reveal our feelings to others and sometimes we concentrate on what we don't see in a person's life when really (sometimes) the answer is staring you right in the face. Lipstick Traces wasn't created to give you a makeup consultation, it is here to give you a different perspective of what really goes on behind the scenes in a woman's mind. Hmmm...So what's your shade?

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  1. I think my shade would be hot pink or red. Pink for my more playful days, days when I am feeling flirty or happy. Red would be my color of malice, for days when I am more daring or feeling mischievous. I do have a passion for makeup; however I don’t wear it every day. I do agree that the lips are very essential part of your face. As a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist, (Ari, you don’t know how good it feels to say that ), I feel that if you are looking for a quick fix, you can get away with just doing your lips and some mascara. I love this article. Keep them coming.