Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift giving = drama

What should I get my boo, boo-boo biscuits, baby, boyfriend/girlfriend, my ride or die, hubby/wifey, love of my life, other half, my honey, my papi/daddy for christmas? This subject is always a toughie especially if it hasn't been established if you and your significant other are exchanging gifts this season. This recession alone has wiped alot of people's pockets dry that some people ain't even getting gifts for their fam. It's hard out here what can I say? The part that has most people going in the wrong direction of gift giving is getting to caught up in the price of the item and the final gift decision. A lot of people mess up because they don't pay attention to their boo's interest. Women think that a cologne set and some boxers are easy to please their man but if you know good goddamn well that he doesn't specialize in smell goods then why would you buy it? And then you wanna know why he doesn't ever wear it, and why it is collecting dust on his dresser and then you get upset because you feel like you wasted your money. uh duh? Now granted if that's all he wants then kudos to you...your man is simply great! But most guys want their woman to give more thought to the actual gift. Now guys are really smooth in getting over on their girl because they know at the end of the day, if they throw a gift card in from Vickie Don't Tell Nobody (Victoria Secret) then your good. What girl doesn't love that place? But guys your thought process in gift decisions could get you in trouble if your not paying attention. Granted both sides can have far fetched wants but be sensible about your decision. Never jeopardize your pockets for love...because you might end up broken hearted with broke pockets. And that's just not cool!

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