Friday, December 25, 2009

The Holidays = Phony Behavior

Now don't get it twisted. I am definitely no Miss. Scrooge about the holiday's but I just find it odd that this time of year makes people appear a lot nicer. Maybe it's the chill of Old Man Winter that got most people hypnotize? Or could it be those early mornings when people are dashing through the snow to get to work? Or maybe its walking around your neighborhood or local mall and seeing people decking the halls with balls of holly? Whatever this mirage of kindness that floats in the's PHONY.
As soon as the holiday's are over people will go back to their usual habits of not speaking to their neighbors or random people nor will people perform acts of kindness to those in need. It really ruffles my spirit when I see this mockery transpire during this season. In fact, while most people woke up cheery with drooling mouths for Christmas dinner, I woke up quite annoyed. In fact, I was down right irritated because I knew in 24 hours people will morph into belligerent A-holes in the malls to return gifts.
I just can't stand it!!! I really gets under my skin when people pose for what is suppose to be the "reason for the season." If you know you are one of those people who stunt (or act phony full of holiday cheer) for the holiday's please don't bring that s--t over here. It's annoying!!!! If you know your an A-hole 364 days out of year, then don't take off for one day. Keep it real with yourself and continue to be one! There is nothing wrong with saying, "Happy Holiday's, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa etc." just hold the extra cheer...thanks!

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