Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Relax. Struggling is Normal.

I honestly do not know a person that is not struggling at this point in their life. With the holidays coming faster than a stampede, a lot of people will be coming to grips with that this holiday season may not be so “merry.” There is no need to become a Scrooge about the situation instead accept that this is normal. Unfortunately, when we were all born a “how to” pamphlet about life did not come along with the delivery. And I’m glad we didn’t have one become it would be longer than the Wall of China (oh goodness). Anyhoo, the point is that life just happens. We may not understand our struggles now, but in the long run we will look back and realize why we had to go through that point in time. Remember no one’s life is perfect….just look at Tiger Woods situation (and honestly I am not even trying to comment on his situation because it sucks). If we face our struggles head on, then we can survive anything…think about it!

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