Friday, January 1, 2010

20 Things that won't work in 2010

Yay! As the New Year officially kicks off today, there are a few things that MUST not continue in 2010. Now these are just a few wishes of mine but I know there is always someone out there who didn't get the memo. So here it goes...(in no particular order).

  1. Whack weaves (Ugh! This has got to be the worst nightmare in all of female hair issues)
  2. Rude A--People (OMG! Whatever happen to "excuse me," "thank you" etc., I guess home training went out of style like tube socks)
  3. Stalkers/Weirdos/Thirsty A-- ppl (These ppl have never been hot in the streets and they NEVER if this is your full-time occupation, I suggest you find A REAL JOB...thanks!)
  4. Drivers who pretend they "know" how to drive
  5. Habitual liars
  6. Flip Flops worn all year round (Just face it already! WE all have to abide by four seasons, so dress accordingly and not as an out of season weirdo..thanks!)
  7. People who don't believe in the art of hand washing after using the bathroom...yuck!
  8. Overdraft fees! (The banks should just get rid of this whole policy...banks know ppl ain't got no money)
  9. Not knowing you "status" (It's a germy a-- world and ppl STILL don't understand the importance of getting tested and wearing condoms..smh)
  10. Wearing ANYTHING that looks like it could start a fashion trend (Please stop! All you want is attention and believe me your not getting it for the right reasons)
  11. Randompplthatcontinuetofriendrequestyouon FacebookeventhoughyoudenythemrepeatdlyandtheySTILLrequesttobeyourfriend
  12. 12 year old girls that look 30
  13. Old men that prey on pre-teens
  14. Losing the opportunity to fly stand-by on Air-Tran (This really hurts my heart x10 but I believe I can
  15. Ignorant ppl (Ignorance doesn't equal bliss it just equals more ignorance...smh)
  16. Not having ANY goals (like not even one!)
  17. Ppl who expect to change who they are all in one nights fun for the New Year
  18. Party fliers that fill up my Facebook Inbox and Blackberry calendar (Sooooo annoying)
  19. Maury episodes about paternity test, overweight babies and bad a-- teens/kids (I can't even's entertaining but clearly America has some serious issues)
  20. Pitty parties, woe is me and cranky complaining coo coo monsters (There is nothing more annoying then someone who always on straight gripe mode...if you don't like your life THEN F---IN CHANGE IT)

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  1. OMG I soooo agree with alll these.
    I can't even comment on just one... they are alll just WRONG lol