Sunday, January 10, 2010

Five cents for a disposable bag? WTF?

We all remember those times of going to the grocery store and hearing that age old question, "paper or plastic"? Well now that question is almost appears to be a trick questions these days in the nation's capital. I just read an interesting report on
CLICK THIS LINK--->>>The <<<----CLICK THIS LINK that DC will soon be charging consumers for disposable bags who shop in retail stores, liquor stores (you know people love to pop bottles...responsibly of course!), and grocery stores. Now don't get me wrong, my initial reaction was "Yay! DC is going green" but then I read more in the report and this decision is being based on money, dinero, guala guala, cheese or cheddar, Benjamins, stacks, guap, cash, bread, the green whatever you want to call it. The economy is suffering a recession and a depression and I simply can't wrap my head around this idea. It's bad enough people can't even pay for food because they don't have a steady income but now your going to charge them for a disposable bag? A disposable bag that may get reused once or twice and then eventually end up in the trash.
Talk about really throwing your money away! I do hope that this information will encourage you, your peers, family and friends to become more Eco-friendly. I think this would be the perfect time for people to begin investing in reusable bags to cut down on human waste. So instead of throwing your money away for five cents put that money toward a reusable bag!
If your outraged and don't want to convert to a greener lifestyle then I say express your thoughts to the DC government or simply avoid shopping in DC all together. Then again if you avoid shopping in DC, then the city government will find something else to tax like parking! I read they are are also suppose to be increasing parking fees. Yup! It's all there in the article! Enjoy my fellow victims of the nickle and dime life!


  1. I am green too but dang...they shouldn't have to charge people sheesh...ppl barely have two pennies to rub together...