Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"I'll have the wings, oh but please hold the hair...thanks!"

So I'm not sure if luck has been on my side these days but I know one thing that has been lingering...other people's hair in food. I mean hello? If I wanted to garnish my food with your blond mane, then I would of asked for it sheesh!?! It is rare for me to have an issue with food, but I guess "luck" drew my number to get a piece of hair on my wings. That's right people wings! But see this epidemic of "hair in food" all started on my birthday (Jan. 2). During my birthday dinner (at a Washington, DC restaurant that shall remain nameless), my friend also received a gift of a long strand of hair perched up in her plate. I don't recall her asking for a strand of hair in her entree as a garnish but they took the liberty to add it to her dish anyway. You would think people would be more on their P's and Q's with germs considering everywhere you go is infected with H1N1, Flu, "the scratchies,"nasal drip, the death cough, Ebola and what not. I understand people make mistakes but all I ask is the mistake NOT be in my food. There is nothing worse then to be soooo excited and sooo hungry to eat for all of it be killed by one little floating strand of hair. And let's not even think about what is growing on that thing! Eeek! So the point is...CHECK YOUR FOOD!!!! You never know what your are going to get...for real. Bon Appetite!

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