Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh no no's and Ooo La La's of sequin fashion

OMG! I think my absolute favorite thing in the world right now is anything sparkly, shimmering, glitz but most of all glamorous. I am in love with not a man (No comment), not a handbag (as of right now) but I think sequins have stolen my fashionable heart yup you know this (in Rihanna's voice). In the olden times, sequin garments were best known to be worn for formal/evening occasions but now a days I see quite of a few women incorporate it into their everyday wear. Now some of you may turn your nose up at this trend but there are tacky ways to incorporate sequins. And believe it or not it is very easy to fall into the "oh no no" pile instead of the "ooo la la" pile. Believe me I have seen it and I know you all have seen it too! Here is a quick checklist of "yays and nays" of the fabulous world of sequins that I believe every girl should consider or do away with in their closet!

Oh No No's
  1. Sequin socks- Yes! I know its hard to believe these exist but they do. The only person that made shiny socks cool was the late great, M.J. (RIP) but homemade sequin socks are a negative! And calling them vintage will not allow you to pass go instead you just pass for looking like a dumb a-- attention seeker.

  2. Sequin tights/leggings- Now I have seen these items on display at like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe or what not and STILL women have misconstrued them for EVERYDAY wear leggings and it just doesn't work. Now if you know you have to run out for your Saturday morning errands then these aren't going to work! These leggings are restricted for evening outings ONLY (if worn correctly). Just because they are black does not mean they qualify to replace your standard black leggings for casual. Get a d---- clue Thanks!

  3. Sequin hats- I have yet to see an actually person style this accessory correctly. I have seen elderly women rock these hats for day wear but they can do that because they just can. Now I have seen some rare attempts but I haven't been impressed because a sequin hat brings alot to an outfit. In fact, the hat alone can take over your entire look. If you enjoy risky business, then good luck but I think the safest solution would be to avoid this item at all cost especially if you don't know what your doing!

  4. Sequin Tie- You would think people can't get carried away with something so simplistic as a tie- WRONG! TRY AGAIN. I think sequin ties are appropriate for like a costume or for a person who works in like a Vegas casino or as a showgirl but not for regular wear. It appears there has been a common misconception that a tie is a tie WRONG AGAIN! Please do not let the sparkles fool you. Your going to look like a shiny fool in the streets. Do yourself a favor and seek a second opinion!

Ooo La La's

  1. Sequin Clutch-This is a timeless accessory that can add the perfect glam to any outfit. Whether it's all black covered in black sequins or a multicolor sequin affair can bring a party.

  2. Sequin Mini Skirt- I am a proud owner of two sequin mini skirts and they both have been hits for going out fashion. Just remember to keep your top and shoes simple because the skirt will do all the talking. Try and get a sequin skirt that has elasticity as well as a lining built in the skirt too. There is nothing worse then have a tight fitting sequin mini and the sequins cut you up eek!

  3. Sequin Jacket- Whatever the color choice or pattern it is just remember to keep your outfit underneath simple. The sequin jacket will definitely make you the life of the party and the best part is you won't be missed at the party. Your easy to spot and people usually flock to anything shiny. (DISCLAIMER: If you know you have a stalker problem during your outings, then you may want to reconsider this item. The sequins act against you as a visible GPS to your obsessed fan so yeah can't say I didn't warn you or your crew! Remember I told people flock to shiny objects so you don't want to attract unwanted weirdos.)

  4. Sequin Earrings-They may be a small accessory but sometimes big things come in small packages so don't underestimate this item. They can add just enough razzle and dazzle to your entire look. Sometimes it's about the little details that make an outfit interesting!

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