Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trends for 2010: Celibacy resolution?

Celibacy? This topic was brought to my attention by one of my closest friends and it actual sparked a pretty intriguing conversation. I commend those people in the world who are or have abstained from sexual intercourse (because honestly its a germy a-- world out the CDC stats) but for those of you who have committed "the act" then this raises some questions. Why do some people who have already had sex before become celibate? Is it a choice? Is it due to a medical condition (i.e. sex addiction)? Did you have a bad sexual experience? Are you doing it just because it is a new year? Like why? This topic maybe too personal for some people to discuss but what do you do when your in a relationship with someone and your partner decides to become celibate without even telling you? It is a tough situation but it happens to some people especially around the new year. What is worse is this puts the other partner in an awkward situation because they haven't chosen to live the same lifestyle, in fact, they don't even know if they should take this decision as a way to blow them off or as a test of their support. I really think that if you are in a relationship and one partner decides to go celibate then that person should the other person well in advance. A simple conversation can alleviate all the wondering questions or even open the idea of you all trying this new lifestyle together. Celibacy doesn't work for everyone and people in relationships tend to forget that a relationship = a partnership. You can't make drastic decisions and expect your partner to go along with it. It looks selfish and quite frankly holding out on "the goods" could make your partner walk. It's a tough topic to tackle but hey it needs to be discussed. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I'm all for people practicing celebacy... but you are right. If you change up on giving it up in the mist of the relationship.. be prepared for walking papers. How do I feel about it? Well, communication is the key to any relationship. But you both must be (or plan to get) on the same page.