Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Cupid, V-day ruins lives...seriously!

I never walk into V-day with the expectation of receiving gifts or let alone having someone for V-day but I never really understood why some of my friends get their panties in a knot when they don't have anyone for this day. I mean honestly V-day is really a commercial holiday for companies to scam on consumers to make MORE money by tailoring their products for the love occasion but once the day is over EVERYTHING gets marked down to NOTHING. So if you think about it, V-day really shouldn't hold that much weight to anyone. In fact, it is annoying to see women gripe about not having someone for this ONE day! If you want to find love (like that true love), then you should know that ONE day shouldn't be held to such a high standard. It is so crazy to me that some women would even stoop to a level so low to FIND ANYONE that is currently lingering around them to make them feel like they HAVE TO DO SOMETHING for V-day. It's pathetic and looks desperate.
Ladies, please DO NOT let this one day ruin YOUR day. If you don't have anyone, so what? Try to make the most of the day by celebrating with people that love you. Friends, family, co-workers, grandma etc. are all great people to celebrate this day. And even if you don't want to celebrate with anyone, just enjoy time with yourself. Self-love is the BEST love that anyone could celebrate on V-day! So don't gripe about the couples who are celebrating with someone this year. You will get your turn soon enough and when you do, remember that there will always be someone griping about you and your lover!

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