Friday, February 5, 2010

It all started with a fortune cookie…”Trust Your Intuition”

The other day I ate a scrumptious order of Chinese food which left my tummy mighty pleased! For me, the best part in finishing any Chinese meal is reading your fortune. Don’t get me wrong people, all fortunes aren’t meant to be taken too literal. We have all had those corky fortunes like “Eat more Chinese food,” “You will meet many people,” or “Wealth is coming your way,” what can I say? Some fortunes bring your humor and some bring you high hopes but this particular fortune spoke to me. I cracked open my fortune cookie to read these captivating words- “trust your intuition.” It was something about these words that really absorbed in my spirit and really got me thinking about my life at that very moment. It felt like time paused for just a second for me to regroup on my thoughts about where I stand in my life presently and what’s to come in the future days. All I could say to myself was “Trust your intuition.”
Ladies, you know that some of us are very in touch with our female intuition” (some of us not so much) but I think that we should really listen to what our “intuition” is telling us (even if it hurts us). Along the path of life, we will come in contact with many crossroads along the way and it is up to us to make that final “right” decision. Sometimes the mere thought of going “left” can bring us curiosity or even the excitement of rebelling against what YOU know YOU SHOULD be DOING. But really ask yourself is the rebellion really worth it (especially if you know inside it could end up bad)? The world grows a colder place each day and how we survive begins with us. Trust your self a little more, listen to your “intuition” a little more and I hope it guides you to “right” outcome.

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