Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The ONE thing I hate to write....

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that writing has always and will forever be my first love...period. But...There is one thing that I hate writing. In fact I hate admitting defeat so I won't, instead I shall say I suck at writing ---->COVER LETTERS<-----. I mean honestly, they are so horrible to write. I understand the purpose of a cover letter and its importance and all but SERIOUSLY they have got to be the worst thing created. THEN...I find it so annoying how every Homo Sapien has produced some type of "how-toarticletenstepguidehandsonvideosoftwareforabettercoverletter." I just don't get it!!! I am sooo confused. I think the very thing that ticks me off about them is that there are soooo MANY people who claim they have the "award-winning" secret to get your cover letter noticed and yet we have 2.5 million people out of work. I mean hello? Does anyone find that statistic just a little alarming? What is the world coming to honestly? AND THEN...people are stressing for a better job (LIKE ME!!) and who are capable of doing the job (LIKE ME AGAIN!!!) but it is just that one piece of paper and 2,000 other people applying for the same job that keep me from getting it. (sigh) I have looked high and low, on the web, in career mags, I even took it old school and went to the library to find advice on writing a solid cover letter (what I won't do is pay someone...smh...nope can't do that) and yet!!! I am just never really pleased with what I come up with these days. It's so easy to try and avoid this annoying document but at the end of the day, this piece of paper prevents me from moving forward in the career world. I am not sure of what do to these days but this cover letter fiasco has me lost.

P.S. This blog has been inspired by my current location...the library where I am attempting my hand in finding better career opportunities since being a Print journalist is an extinct population. Oh joy!

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