Saturday, February 20, 2010

Side dishes will never be an Entree..FACE IT!!!

It baffles me how some girls settle to be second best but are never first pick in a guys heart. We have heard those stories about guys who try to play it off like they are "single" but then you REALLY get to know him and you find out he is married with two kids living in the suburbs. It's crazy!! If they have a "girlfriend"they always use that dry story that things aren't working out or he describes his "girlfriend" as being crazy, obsessed, deranged, strange and she doesn't get the relationship is over. Blah, blah, blah...there is always a story but there is never any truth being revealed. But here is the truth straight up! No guy will make his side dish his entree nor will he make arm candy is real main squeeze. It's just reality! Don't be fooled by the charm or that flashy smile, instead look at the situation as it stands. It is obvious his leading lady has the role of his romantic interest so your chances of even getting the part are slim. You will always be best supporting but nothing more.
So why do women resort to being side dish? Some women have this philosophy that they rather have some piece of man then no man at all (A piece tho? Really? Wow?) or they trick their selves into believing that ONE DAY he will leave his girl to be with them (don't hold your breath dear). If a guy hasn't completely taken care of his business with is present, then how do you expect him to even consider YOU for the future? Even if you win him over in the middle of this love triangle, there are no guarantees that he will be completely yours. Who knows? He may find a new side dish or two...These type of men have potential in changing one day but they haven't found the right woman to completely satisfy his committment palate . You may THINK you are that woman but at the end of the day...he has to WANT to change his habits. Just remember no meal is complete with out an appetizer, two side dishes, one entree and one dessert (maybe a nightcap)...So which course are you?

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