Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where are the chips?

Bowl of potato chips

WE all know and love these things. In fact, some of us are one step away from bad eating habits because of these puppies. There is nothing like holding that shiny plastic bag in your hands and tearing it open for a salty treat. That's right chips people, they make our stomach go round and our tongues wag for more. They are at every party, every movie, every 7-11, every lunch (sometimes dinner) they make the perfect snack tear open the bag to only realize half of the bag has been filled up with air!!! It irks my spirit to know that every time I tear open a bag of chips that half of my money went to air. It's sooo crazy! I am all for freshness, sanitation and all that jazz;however, I think it is a major rip off to consumers to dive into a bag of missing food. I mean come on producers of chips, you can't add a little more in there sheesh! I already paid for it right? Why can't you all just throw an extra cup or two in there please? I understand you all have marketing strategies, protocols, portion limits to adhere to but it makes me sad...that's all (sigh).

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