Monday, March 22, 2010

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Hmmm

I think we all can relate to this simple scenario: guy meets girl (vice verse) or girl meets girl or boy meets boy, (no discrimination over here *wink*) you begin to fall for this person, enjoy this person's company, in fact, you start thinking that you could see yourself with this person until....(dun dun dun) SOMEONE MOVES AWAY :( Yeah it sucks! But it happens all the time, in fact, I think it is happening even more because of the economy. People are moving for the money and less are sticking around for love so what does this mean for the "almost" means you all may want to consider a long distance rendezvous...or do you? We have all heard the age old saying that, "absences makes the heart grow fonder" but these days I have heard more people speak against this literary expression. Instead, long distance relationships have been renamed the dramatearsheadacheheartachenontrustingdoublelifeliving relationship (try saying that fast!). For many long distant relationships create complications simply because two people that was once considered a "pair" have to go back to living "single" lives. It's a tough situation but each person needs to ask their selves a BIG questions: How much does this person mean to me? Now, if this is some sort of fling to help the time pass...then you might want to nix the plans for your honeymoon suite in Hawaii I(lol) BUT if this person makes you feel like your on cloud 9 every time your with them then you might want to fight for love. The reality isn't promised to us nor is the dating pool that glamorous sooooo if you can't be with them physical then consider alternative ways to BE with them (i.e. planning visits, Skype chats etc.) So does absence make the heart grow fonder? It's hard to say...I guess it all depends on the people :) xoxo

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