Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flip Flop Violaters <---READ THIS!!!!

So now that the warm weather is beginning to break...(key word "Beginning") there is something that I must get off my chest. This rant has been long overdue in fact it will remain one of the most reoccurring rants of my here it goes....


RE: Spring has not sprung (all the way) and summer hasn't even sizzled so put your D--N flip flops AWAY!!!!

It really gets underneath my skin when I see people walk around in rain, sleet, snow, hot lava, ice, sand storm, and tsunami in flip flops. Flip flops were not and I repeat were NOT designed to cross seasons nor endure harsh inclement weather. Uh Duh? Don't get me wrong,I love flip flops! I really do! They are so comfortable and it doesn't even require a lot of neurons to find the right pair...their frugal and fun. BUT some people have literally demised their original purpose, in fact, they have been so bold to go against basic common sense that a flip flop was not designed to be wearable for all seasons. Arrgggghhh! It really irks my nerves!!! We all want to make a statement in our appearance but d--n can we seek a second opinion next time! Flip flops are NOT a multipurpose item (ladies, this even means for the club, if your heels don't work...FYI flip flops won't work either), Flip flops are NOT rain boots, snow boots,timberland boots (sidebar: do we still wear those guys??) Ugg boots, or short boot (you look like a jacka-- if your wearing flip flops as a substitute for any of these shoes) and lastly, flip flops are NOT your last resort for a shoe option (if you have no other shoes for your outfit, just stay home...period). Plz and thank you! whew! So if you see someone violating the laws of proper flip flop attire...then do your community a favor...SEND THEM TO MY BLOG!!! Since people always say they "never got the memo"...well here it is da--it!!!

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