Monday, March 29, 2010

Have you seen me???....Search for E-V-E in progress

So is it just me or has it been an eternity since we have seen the "pit bull in the miniskirt" on the prowl (No pun intended). Like don't get me wrong, I heard the recent remix of Ludacris' "My Chick Bad" Feat. Diamond,Trina and EVE but I guess I expected this song to send the signal that we would see more of her soon. But I am just not sure these days! I LOVE Eve! The last bit of info I heard about Eve was that her clothing line Fetish got cancelled but nothing more. This girl is just gushing with tons of talent and creativity and I would love to see her get back out there and taking over the game...again! If I ever got an opportunity to meet her, I just want to know what she has been up to? Like is there a new boo in your life? Are you married? Engaged? Did you have kids? Have you been hiding in Philly? Are you making music? Or a movie? New sitcom? Do you still go to awards shows? I have always been curious when artist go on a career hiatus, like what do you all do and where do you all go? Smh. But I have a feeling we will see Eve very soon...I just feel it. I hope everything is okay Eve!
Dear Eve, you have been gone to long, it's time for you to revive your musicactingfashiondesignerlife PRONTO (and I mean that with love of course). Please and Thank you :) xoxo

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