Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry doll...

I get annoyed with the question "how do I know he is into me?" ALL the time. In fact, when these words leaves a female lips, red sirens go off in my head. Anytime you have to ask yourself this question, you need to check the situation (And I am not talking the Jersey Shore guy). Now if you two are going through the awkward phases of dating (you know the whole Q & A time, awkward pauses, blank stares yeah that stuff) then I can understand why this question might be raised but to be honest, you know if your feeling a person or not. Even if you all are in a committed relationship (actually I don't even know why you be asking this question so deep into the commitment but okay!) YOU know the answer still if he is into you or not. So since some of us forgot about our special powers, let me be the one to remind you dolls. Most of us were born with a women's intuition,"gut instinct" or the "we just know feeling."
Now notice I said "most" of us on loose terms because "some" of us disregard this instinct because we don't want to face the truth (or we are just head over hills in BS). And that's fine if you want to go along with misery but remember misery loves company too! Now if you are dealing with a man, like a REAL man and if you consider yourself to be a REAL woman then this question shouldn't have to come know why? Because dating should be kept REAL at all times (It needs to be a law actually!). If you know you two are just enjoying the time with each other then why would you ask this d--n question in the first place. You already know what it is! Sheesh! Even if you two are "suppose" to be in love, then I hope your love was founded a REAL foundation.Then again, if you feel like this blog speaks to your current life with guys, then you might want to go listen to Mary J. Blige's REAL love again! Feel me? I say all of this with love, not to come off as an insensitive person. I just hate to see confused individuals roam the earth, that's all. Xoxo

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