Friday, April 30, 2010

The act of being desperate...No bueno!

The statics are out there, it has been in news reports and yet women (and some men) are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off to marry ANYONE they lay eyes on. More specifically, African American women have been reported as one of the highest demographics that will end up 45 and unmarried (talk about lifetime bachelorette). Although it is hard to swallow dolls, this does not mean for any reason (young or old women) that you should be so forward with EVERY guy you meet ALL because you want someone. Desperate women will get NO where in the dating circuit because they are too blinded by their desires (to have) then to really seek out a genuine guy who is deserving of what you have to offer. IN OTHER WORDS, if you are one of those women out there that has "boyfriend syndrome" (always in need of a man and would do anything for one) then you really need to check yourself!!! How can you possibly pursue someone when your so consumed in making every guy you meet your boyfriend!!!!! If you are meant to be with someone, then it will happen. Don't force it, don't rush it and pleeeease don't let your own desires get the best of you. Not every guy you meet will meet the "parentals" nor is will every guy be prince charming. So with that said, check yourself before you wreck your dating life. I'm just staying...otherwise you will be doomed as a desperate diva and that my dear is NO BUENO!!!

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