Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beyonce said "put a ring on it" YOU say "put a title on it"

Why is it that some women get so stressed out if they are not identified as a guy's girlfriend or wifey? I just don't get it?? Some women begin to feel like their love life is in shambles because their guy will not give them the "title." And this part really kills me.... they begin to cry and whine about it. I THINK before you "cry a river" about it, you should stop, think and ask yourself: WHY hasn't this MAN decided to be in a relationship with you? I MEAN HELLO? Did you ever think that maybe he doesn't want to be with you? Or how about this...maybe he just sees you as his "freak in the sheets" and not his "lady in the sheets"? I mean really? Or he is just using you for something else (i.e. money, food, car, housing etc.)?
No really ask yourself what is going on here??? I am so tired of hearing women say they are are soo heartbroken over some guy that NEVER even gave away their heart to them in the first place!!!!!! It confuses me when women say things like this because they sound delirious. If he is really a MAN then HE will jump through any hoop, climb any mountain, swim any ocean, ski any slope, kiss any ground you walk on to MAKE you his NUMERO UNO. BUT if you know deep down in you heart that you know you will NEVER get "the title" because:
A) he gives you BS excuses about being hurt before (blah blah blah...everyone's called life...duh?)
B) I'm young and I don't want to be tied down to anyone now because someday I will be when I am married or
C) a committed relationship requires a lot of time and I'm trying to put my time toward other things
D) I am just trying to have fun, that's all....then yeah... HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU doll! Sorry...I just have to keep it on sometime (it's not a real website just a "saying" I use).

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