Monday, April 26, 2010

"Bros before [Your name goes here girlfriend]"

A girl's success with a guy all depends on "his boys." Yes, believe it or not girls, if you are not "in" with this homies then there is a high possibility that you won't even make it past first base (maybe third but he just not that into you...sorry). Truth be told, guys really value their friend's opinions about a girl they are seeing because a guys ultimate goal is to be comfortable. If a guy feels like their comfort is being jeopardized, then more than likely he is willing to sacrifice those opposing forces (meaning YOU my dear) to remain comfortable. And this makes sense because most women try to befriend "the boys" first BECAUSE they know if they have them in their favor then their chances of "winning" this man for keeps is greater.

Soooooooo....for the weird, over achieving, thirsty wanna-be girlfriends, PLEASE do not go over board in becoming friends with your boo's crew. In fact, the rule of thumb is ALWAYS BE YOURSELF...DO NOT study ESPN lingo if you know your not a sports fan (don't even pick a d--n team for b-bal or f-ball), DO NOT talk about cars if you haven't even put air in your own tire, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT ask, imply or insinuate that "you are one of the boys now" because you did all this ridiculous stuff just to impress them.
****This is grounds for automatic disqualification to your entire love opportunity with this man thus, subjecting yourself to look like an ASS and a FOOL on your time.****
Point blank period, a guys friend's matter a lot AND their opinion matter even more. So ask yourself are you "in"?

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