Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Haters? Do we all REALLY have haters?

Facebook always seems to leave me with some sort of inspiration to blog and by far this blog has been birthed by the many status' I recently read on Facebook. Lately, I have noticed a lot of status' with the terms "haters" or "hatin" being used and I just have to know...do we all REALLY have haters? I honestly believe that I don't have any haters and I actually I don't know why anyone would hate on me in the first place. I REALLY don't care if "hating on me" (sounds so weird ugh) is one of favorite hobbies...your just an EXTRA in the "Ari Show" (big smile). --->SIDEBAR<---Therefore you get no lead role, no lines, no attention, no name recognition, NADA!!! So know your role and fill the unnecessary space in my life thanks! xoxo (*winks).
BACK TO THE HATER TALK: It's a waste of time and waste of energy to "hate" on someone when all of this could be used to get ahead in life. Smh! What annoys me more is...people who apparently have "haters" and no ONE seems to understand why anyone would hate on them in the first place. Ugh! Now this type of haterism is specifically tailored to people who supposedly "hate" on someones looks. Shallow right? Like really? No one should talk because we all have insecurities about our looks so let's all eat a slice of humble pie thx! :) As I read these status' on Facebook, I almost feel like people WANT to have haters! Like seriously? Do you just say you have "haters" because it sounds cool? Or do you actually know for a fact that people don't like that you exist? I mean c'mon people! I never understood why people recognize these people on their status' For what? To me it looks like these people who "hate" get underneath your skin...in fact why do you even give them recognition? If they are "haters," why even give them a label? If people don't like what you look like or what you are doing with your life...screw them! They ain't running your show so don't recognize them...call them an EXTRA (see the duties of an EXTRA above in case you forgot!). I think it's time we all put the "hater" word to bed. It's LAME...

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