Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One cheetah girl has "gone into the wild" yikes! I am not sure what came over Kiely Williams (former 3LW member and Cheetah Girl) but this girl has down right killed her career. I understand she is trying to shed the "girl next door image" of Disney but ummm I think she went overboard in this video. There is nothing wrong with embracing your sexiness as a woman and there is nothing wrong with you being treated as a grown woman but see at the end of the day it's about CHOICES. She CHOSE to be scandalous, lewd, extra racy, and an advocate for unprotected drunk sex with randoms (yeah that's cool..sike!) and you didn't have to be. You had the CHOICE to do a more tasteful video just like you had a CHOICE to write better lyrics. Ugh! If you wanted attention you got it, the question is how do you justify this video's existence? Will the real Kiely Williams stand up? Because girl I know this can't be you! So...umm yeah...I'm at a lost for words...Kiely why girl? Why? I don't understand...(scratching head).

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