Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please use the BATHROOM responsibly..THX!

One thing I can't stand is going to a public place and using the bathroom (I'd rather hold it actually but sometimes you just gotta...) AND people leave without washing their hands!!!!! Like hello? A little soap and a little water NEVER hurt anyone when I last checked!!!! We have all seen those signs that say, "Employees must wash hands after using the bathroom" why do people think that sign does not apply to them? Just because you don't WORK there doesn't mean you get a special pass not to wash your hands. Ugh!
It is even worse when I see people who approach the sink but they only run their fingers through a little cold water (eek!) and think they are good...Uhhh hate to break it to ya buddy but those pee drops on your fingertips are preparing for mass destruction on your eats. EWWwwwwwwww!!! And wait we have all seen this soap in the bathroom (quick!) what do people do...NOT WASH THEIR HANDS....(buzzer sound....WRONG ANSWER!!!) You ask management to replace the d--n soap dispenser kids! I guess this would explain why I HATE to shake people's hand because I just imagine them in the bathrooom (not literally using it) and I am unsure if I am shaking a clean hand or am I receiving a VIP pass to the bacteria infestation party. EWWWWWW!!!!

So if you are a violator of the hand washing rule after using the bathroom, THEN YOUR DISGUSTING AND YOU MIGHT AS WELL LICK THE TOILET SEAT SINCE YOU ENJOY BATHROOM GERMS. GROSS!!!!

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