Friday, April 30, 2010

R-U-L-E is MIA (and ain't talking Miami folks!)

So remember the man that "use" to have the rap game on lock around the year 2000 or so. He came out with consecutive hits like, "Between me and you," "Ride or Die Chick," "Holla Holla," "Put it on Me," "I Cry," "Mesmerized" and the list goes on but lately we don't even hear a pin drop from this man. Yes! I am talking about Ja Rule himself. Now, I am not sure why this man has fallen off the face of the earth because...yeah I just don't understand. Once again, we have another talented soul that NO ONE hears about and I am not sure if this is intentional behavior or if he is going through something in his life. We have all read media reports or have heard stories about issues surrounding his former label, Murder, Inc. and we even heard stories about his alleged conflicts with another rapper as well as his risky rendezvous with a former video vixen BUT I am not quite sure if these episodes have played a role in his nonexistence. JA RULE WHERE ARE YOU????? Summer time is approaching and it sure would be nice to have a couple of your songs to jam to while I ride around the city. I hope all is well with you but uh can you please find your way back to YOUR music career!!!! Please and Thank you!

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