Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FYI! The season is changing AND so is your MAN!

Have you ever really wondered if weather affected the psyche of your significant other? Well, believe it or not...weather can actually play a MAJOR role in your relationship. We have all seen this happen, guy meets girl in the fall/winter AKA "snuggle season" THEN spring/summer AKA "free agent season" rolls around and suddenly he "needs space." He begins to act up, you all fight more, you find the time spending together to be more like watching paint dry, no intimacy, you even start to speculate that he is creeping around on you etc...yeah basically the relationship hits rock bottom. So with that said ladies, please DO NOT be in denial of this epidemic. You all know that summer time is defined as "break up season" so it is NO secret when he begins to act brand new. Think about it! During the summer months, people wear less clothing (this is ideal for the male species because they are attracted to physical attributes...sorry MEN are born like this!); secondly, people travel more around this time so the opportunity of meeting new people or new "hump" buddies are endless, thirdly, summer time = p-a-r-t-y time! People stay out longer, booze a little more than usual and are just all about having a good time. All ofBold these items encourage adventure, promescuity and most of all fun for the males specie; therefore, they conform to the idea of breaking up with you. The news is hard to bear but there is a bit of hope for you lonely dolls out there.
**The key to having a "summer love" that will last all year round (no guarantees but the chances are greater) is finding your love during the summer. You see if you lock him down in the early months of warm weather, chances are that he will be willing to stick around for "snuggle season" and "free agent season" because you all met during "break up season." Get it? You all can have the fun in the sun while you casually date but by fall/winter you two will be practically walking down the aisle. Good luck!!!!

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