Saturday, May 22, 2010

His underwear has answers!!!

I have always had a theory that the only way to a man's personality is through is underwear (no perv, I promise)! Now I am not saying you should go exam the actual underwear to see what "surprises" are inside (i.e. reminisces of #1 & #2) but I am saying that underwear has personality just like a stiletto! And just like a stiletto, men's underwear come an assortment of colors, styles and even shapes (<----use your imagination on that one dolls...hehe) but the real question I want to know is if the theory is true! Boxers or Briefs? Thongs or Invisible (a.k.a. nothing at all)? Edible or "Tighty-whities"? Does underwear really reveal the personality of men? Hmmm...I am going to try and take a stab at it:

Boxers: These are "the favorites" amongst the guys and the most attractive to females. I think this is because boxers scream masculinity and there is nothing sexier than having a man who embraces their dude-ish personality. Boxer-briefs are acceptable!

Briefs/"Tighty-whities": Ummm, briefs frighten me (especially tighty whities) on a grown man (I actually think I'm more puzzled about it all???). This type of guy like too keep is junk close to his body which may mean he suffers from an issue of being too clingy and immature. *FYI!! These underwear are typically worn by younger boys (like 5 years old) or an older "seasoned" guy (like 55 or older). Seasoned gents get a pass because this is more of a generational preference AND that doesn't scare me too much.

Thongs/Edibles: Now these two types of underwear have to be the MOST uncomfortable for men (but hey if you rock them, that's your prerogative my dear). "Man in thong" image frightens me because that means MY underwear drawer is going under lock and key (immediately!!!) AND edibile underwear on man sounds like a very unpleasant sticky situation (I wonder if edibles undies for men come with "how-to wear" directions?). So if he enjoys the "Thong Song" just a little bit more than he should, then you might want to check the undies drawer! This guy lives on the wild side and he isn't afraid to show it! He is spontaneous and enjoys trying new things (even things that most of us would question) but what can I say? To each is own right? Right? (*Kanye shrug)

Invisible (a.k.a. Commando): I feel like there is a time and place for these "undies" but what is not cool if this is a habitual preference. I mean, hey we all need a little freedom down there but do it responsibly sheesh! This guy is probably a little wilder than "thong/edible arrangement man" (*on second thought* maybe not. Man wearing human fruit roll up undies scares me more ) but this just means he is "free-spirit." He tends to be extremely lay back and loves to have fun.

*Check out the girls of TMI Weekly about their opinions on the long debate of boxers v. briefs!

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  1. I must say i disagree a bit with you...
    My bf wears brief boxers ( ) and I find them so sexy! He says its more comfortable to have it under control.

    I hate boys with boxers, they tend to show their "excitement" too easily... I find it very repulsive! For me boxers should be like pajamas and have an "inside the house only" rule! lol