Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boyfriend syndrome KILLS!!

We all have this "friend" that is sort of clingy...you know the one that always talks about how their life wouldn't be complete if this "person" wasn't in their life to make it so magnificent. You know the "friend" who takes ample time out of your day to talk about how they want "someone" special in their life. You know the friend that sounds a little obsessed with the idea of ALWAYS having a "guy" in their life to be their "significant" other. Yeah you know this "friend" and she is suffering from a serious case of BOYFRIEND SYNDROME (BS). It's no secret of this lovesick disease nor is it some imaginary phenom (nope!) it is the disease that ruins lives and kills hearts instantaneously. Sooooo consider this your PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT....if you know anyone suffering from this disease, please direct them to "get a life" and "get over" their annoying nuisance. Like I said before it ruins not only their life but those around them! The symptoms are CLEARLY obvious and the chance of them making a 100% percent recovery are low. This is only because in their mind they have programed themselves to believe that things won't be better until they have MAN. It's pretty sad to see women suffer from such a brutal plague but more and more it is becoming contagious. So how do you protect yourself from such an epidemic? Here are some tips:

1) Stay true to yourself first

2) Stay focused on your vision

3) Meditate in a calm surrounding

4) Only talk relationship advice with BS-free gal pals

5)Stay clear of anyone who is suffering from serious BS!

*Disclaimer: If you are offended by this post, then you are probably suffering from SUPER SERIOUS BS and...you should take heed to my advice. Understand this post is meant to help not hurt those who are in complete denial of BS. This is not meant to be taken lightly and if you should need further assistance, I encourage you to write me (see my contact info!). I am no medical practitioner but all I am trying to do is make the world a better place one day at time :) xoxo


  1. haha! love the disclaimer! I am so scared of being that person, or even worse the girl who ditches her friends for a boy, that I never talk about him. Unless I need to bitch. I actually had to pull myself together and start telling my friends when about some of the good stuff as they were getting a really negative picture of him..lol

  2. Thx for your comment Carina :) I know what you mean girlie. It's never cool to end up like this because it only makes a girl miserable. Plus you really miss out on the essence of what a relationship is all about.