Monday, June 14, 2010

To have or not to have...a SPONSOR???

Sponsor (n.): Some dude who has a serious cash flow and splurges it on a girl who they are casually seeing at the current moment 2: GOLDIGGER (to some, not all believe this definition) 3: A very smart woman (to some not all) who enjoys the finer things in life in an excessive spoiling type of way. 4: Description of a "business plan" for some women

If you haven't gotten what a sponsor is by now then that probably means you have never used the term NOR have you ever experienced having a sponsor. The real deal is this...they exist and the real question it okay to have one? Unfortunately, I am at a complete draw about "sponsorship." To some, there are perks to having anything you want at a drop of a hat but in the same breath you really have to ask yourself if it is worth it. I mean "money can't buy you happiness" right? I have seen women go through the motions of always "having" because some guy "has" it to give. And some don't have it with their sponsors, instead they see it has more of a business transaction they "use what the have, to get what they want" (Disclaimer: Don't judge, to each is own). For some always having the latest and greatest designer handbags, shoes, clothes and wheels brigthen their day, but should this lifestyle be glorified? Times are hard in this recession and some people are going over and beyond in finding "inventive" ways to survive but does having a go-to-sponsor really solve all of your problems?Does it really make you that much more happier in life? Are you truly not bored with having everything you want (material wise) all the time?

It's a hard call for me but I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss considering R&B songbird, Teairra Mari, has been receiving a lot of flack about her new single, "Sponsor" on the air waves. Miss. Mari has had it so bad that some stations and television networks (who shall remain nameless) have banned her song because of the supposed "negative" message it sends to young women and girls. Well I regret to inform America, but it's a free country AND furthermore she is an artist NOT A LIFE COACH (duh?). There are plenty of worse songs (and videos out there) so banning her music was a no bueno move! Sorry! The song is actually pretty catchy and whether the world wants to admit it or not it exist. Having a sponsor is strictly up to YOU, you don't have to like it but it's a just a way of life for some...xoxo

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