Thursday, June 10, 2010

What has two wheels, two handle bars and ANNOYS the road?

I get that warmer weather is becoming more prevalent these days but I feel like some people are getting a little too excited about it ESPECIALLY bicyclists!!!! Now motorcyclists only bother me on occasion (I think biker guys and dolls are super cool) but the core of this "rant" is speaking to people who ride on bicycles.You know the people who are SUPPOSE to be wearing a helmet while in motion, you know the people that PEDAL for dear life in attempt to race against a CAR, you know the people who ALWAYS seem to be in the way during the hours of morning rush hour and evening rush hour....yes bicyclists!!! I think what really takes me OVER the edge is that these people get a whole freaking week out of the year to celebrate their "biking."
The worst bicyclists are the ones who are super bold to bike in the dark. I MEAN HELLO? Your little red light that blinks every two seconds isn't exactly the best!!! Furthermore, why do people who bike in the dark find that wearing ALL DARK CLOTHING to be the most attractive attire? Did you forget you are riding a bike in the dark?... NO ONE CAN SEE YOU GENIUS!!!! I don't get it (SMH)! Like honestly, they wouldn't be so annoying if some of them just stopped acting like they were a CAR!! Seriously, I feel like some bicyclists are purposely plotting against drivers to get hit just to make a $buck$ (I know that sounds harsh but hey the world is a stinky place so deal....). I am all for lowering the carbon footprint and frugal transportation but I need bicyclists to be a little bit more concscious on the road.
**Final Though*** Dear Bicycle person, you are are not a CAR, so stop acting like one!!! THANKS!!! (whew!)