Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's with the Justin Bieber FEVER????

Something in my spirit compelled me to write about Justin Bieber. I can't say I love him nor can I say I dislike him because I really don't know the kid or his music. But I WILL say this....WHAT'S WITH THE JUSTIN BIEBER FANATICS??? I am just soo confused how this overnight sensation on YouTube blew up to be one of the most trending topics on Twitter (his name is actually banned, so people have come up with creative ways to STILL trend him by rearranging the letters in his name????), the favorite teeny-bopper star of this year AND having the most obsessed female fans which includes 3 year-olds???? Seriously??? Hate to break it to you Justin, your fan magnet doesn't work on me (Nope!). In fact, I don't think I have EVER been that fan crazy for any celebrity. I just think that the whole Justin Bieber movement is getting a little out of hand don't you think??? I mean hello?? We got 3 year-olds about to lose it over this guy! Does anyone else find this a problem??? America needs help...IMMEDIATELY!!! Please and thank you!

*FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT AND ENJOYMENT ONLY!!! Didn't believe me about the 3 year-old? For old time sake, watch this JimmyKimmel Live clip of the tomfoolery...smh


  1. I cant stand Justin Bieber! When I was young*er* at least we had dudes that looked like men (a little bit) like the Backstreet Boys etc...Justin B. looks like a playmobil toy... just wish i could sort his hair like the real toys lol

    And yes, i dont understand the fanaticism that is going on :s

  2. Yeah I just don't understand the whole Justin Bieber thing....ugh...its quite frustrating!!! I have to agree 98 degrees/N'Sync/Backstreet Boys were cooler :)