Monday, July 12, 2010

Forbidden L-O-V-E...

The talk of love makes some people cringe, cry, ramble, vomit, daydream and many other things but it always seems to be a hot topic around the world. Everyone has their own definition, their own experiences with it, their own heartbreak with it but whether we like it or not, it never dies. But out of all the different types of love, it seems like the forbidden love seems to be on the brains of those around me. It kind of reminds me of Twlight or something? Vampire v. Werewolf? What would you do if you loved someone so much but you know you could NEVER be with that person (for whatever reason)? How do you move on? It has been a difficult decision for a friend of mine to let go but why hold on if you know you all could never be? I know some of you are thinking why won't the two people just get rid of their "problem" that's preventing them from being together but it's just not that simple. Especially when both person's have moved on into different relationships and yet they still hold on because they feel incomplete. No one said love would be easy but would you sacrifice a chance to be with the "love of you life" for someone who you just "love?" LOVE BITES...major!!

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