Friday, July 9, 2010

Good things come to those who MAKE MOVES....

There is nothing worse then waking up each day feeling unmotivated, obsolete, discouraged, stressed, aggravated, annoyed etc. (you get the point). But one thing I realized that it's about the CHOICE to feel like that each and everyday. WE all know someone who complains about their life each and everyday and how they would like to be doing something different about it. AND YET, that same person doesn't do anything about it to change it. SMH!! If your stuck in a rut in life or experiencing a quarter life/mid life or hell golden life crisis just remember that "good things come to those who MAKE MOVES." The only way to shed the negative feeling is by going out there and DOING something about it. If you do nothing about it, then you''ll continue to be in SAME LAME position AND as far as I am concerned that's whack! You only get one life to live and it is time (more than ever) to take life by the horns and make a move! Yes, it can be scary at first, heck there can even be uncertainty about taking that first step but you won't know until you make a MOVE. Trust me! Good things are to come if you just make one!

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