Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When using public transit goes WRONG...

I think we have all been victims of THE MOST bizarre activity while riding public transit. Whether it is random outburst or an abrupt altercation or 365- days of America's Got Talent auditions (????) by someone who feels the need to entertain you on your ride it has HAPPENED TO ALL OF US. Today I had to take the train into DC (anyone that knows anything about DC, knows that parking is a far fetched dream and traffic=the pits of hell) to avoid being late to my lunch appointment but unfortunately I could not avoid a nuisance on the train. What started as smooth, calm and silent ride on the metro, turned to out to be an afternoon of constant curse words and defamation of character to someone in her mind (yeah she was seeing something we all didn't). I was already sweating bullets because it's super hot outside and the tight time frame but now I had undesirable background noise from an individual who thought it was completely fine to release her aggressions to the world without even considering that this was NOT THE TIME NOR THE PLACE FOR A GROUP THERAPY SESSION. Seriously??? It's obvious this woman was suffering from some sort of mental condition (because she did respond to herself) but it just left me in complete shock because at first she was so quiet (believe or not). Maybe it was something or someone in her environment that triggered her to go off but either way it came completely out of left field. SMH!!! So I am taking a lesson from observed behavior which is share my experience with you all. What would you do in this scenario? Would you have said something to her? Got off the next stop? Canceled your plans? What would you do dolls? I know the situation could of been a lot worse (and I would show you all examples but that's why there is YouTube) and thank the heavens it was not. Why me??? *Kanye shrug*

P.S. I would of captured live footage of this experience but it was too risky!!! I may love writing but frontline journalism is not for me. Sorry dolls!

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