Friday, July 30, 2010

Why HE won't find your loving or your heart?

It always fascinates me how women talk about WANTING to be in a relationship but they NEVER seem to get into one. Hmmm??? You might be thinking well maybe the timing wasn't right or maybe it's the "type" of guy that isn't working with your spirit....ALL OF IT IS BS!!! The reason why women remain single for "eons of years" (and I emphasize EONS), it is because they lack making themselves available. Yes! There is a difference between looking physically available and emotional available (most women lack the emotional availability part). These type of women tend to be so guarded with their heart that even if a guy was trying to be genuine in his approach, she wouldn't even acknowledge it. In fact, this very same woman would write it off as if he isn't worth her time because he would only "break her heart anyway." Sorry honey, a guy isn't going to continue to make "goo-goo" eyes at you, if you don't even seem receptive too it. Granted, there are some guys who are full of tomfoolery out there but it doesn't mean ALL guys are like that these days. You have got to show some vulnerability...It's the only way to save your love life. Life is all about taking risk and if you never gamble with love, then Prince Charming will never find your heart. So in the words of rap artist, Drake, "GO CINDERELLA" :)

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