Monday, August 30, 2010

The little ole lady with no remorse....

The other day I had a random memory about the time I ALMOST got hit by a moving SHOPPING CART!!! (Yes, I know what your embarrassing? but most of all HOW???). Well, it all actually started one evening at Target during my usual compulsive shopping experience when I remembered I needed to buy soap. Sooooo I went down the soap aisle, trying to decipher what brand to choose. Usually, this choice comes natural to me but for some reason, I needed a bit more time to think about my purchase (I think there was some crazy specials going on or something).
Anyhoo, so I am standing there...with different in each hand when all of a sudden I notice an elderly woman coming down the aisle with a cart. Now I know aisle can be narrow (especially when two people are toting a cart) but I didn't have one this time around, instead I just had a hand basket so I didn't think there would be any space issues. I am still standing there and I notice that this woman is inching forward with her Buick of cart to a point where it was getting too close to my space.
She still moves closer and closer...TILL LITERALLY... this woman's cart is grazing my leg. You would think she would stop and realize that I was standing there.... but NO.....SHE KEEPS MOVING. So quickly I snap out of my shopping trance and I leaped out of the way ( FYI...Not ONCE did this woman pump the brakes to prevent a customer accident in the aisle). My friend couldn't stop laughing and I just stood there yelling out loud how I am victim of being an "invisible customer who suffered minor injuries in a SHOPPING CART accident!!." I respect the elderly...I DO but this lady wanted me to lose it!! So how did it end? The little ole lady kept rolling on with her cart with no remorse....smh!!!


  1. loool i hate it when that happens. People just carry on expecting YOU to move when clearly you have been standing in an area before they decided to pop by. You should have put her in her shopping cart and told her about how to occupy space properly :p

  2. was such a rude experience...I tell can't even shop in peace without fear of getting hit by a cart smh!!!