Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parlez vous francais? Not Rih Rih!!

Singer Rihanna takes a break after her NYC concert to get dinner at Phillipe Chow where the redhead showed off her new, misspelled neck tattoo on August 13, 2010 in NYC, NY. Rihanna who has the words rebelle fleur tattooed on her neck clearly missed a lesson in french class as the direct translation of her intended meaning, Rebel Flower would be Fleur Rebelle . This is Rihanna's second misspelled foreign language tattoo, which joins the ranks of her former misspelled Sanskrit tattoo. Fame Pictures, Inc
Rihanna never seems to NOT entertain me. There is always something going on with this girl in the news but by far this tattoo on her neck concerns me. I'm no Frenchie but according to reports, this tattoo has been incorrectly misspelled! Yes! It's suppose to mean "rebel flower" in French but if she took just a little more time to translate it (like using Google translator or asked someone who spoke French DUH!!!) then she would know that "flower" should be FIRST and "rebel" should follow SECOND ("fleur rebelle"). Oh Rih Rih this tattoo is no oui oui! Please fix this ASAP. The French must be ROFLMAO!!! Smh!!!

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