Monday, August 23, 2010

Things that annoy people

It's Monday! Ugh! I don't know of anyone in this world that actually likes Monday as there favorite day of the week. Anyhoo, since most of us woke up on the annoyed side of the bed today because it's MONDAY, I decided to do a little research to see what other things annoy people. *Disclaimer: What you are about to read belong to this place ---> List After List. For the complete list click the link! What are you thoughts about this list? I hope it brings you joy to your Monday!

1)Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies
2)Sit in your yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down (LMAO...citizen police hahaha)
3)Specify that your drive-through order is “to go.”
4)Holler random numbers while someone is counting.
5)Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hand over your ears.
6)Decline to be seated at a restaurant, and simply eat their complimentary mints by the cash register.
7)Deck your house out in thousands of Christmas lights, and hook them up so that they blink all at once.
8)Line up the demo fans at Home Depot and pretend you're in a wind tunnel
9)Crank up your computer speakers at work and roll your mouse over the "Say Something!" smiley ad, over and over, pretending your a DJ.
10)Buy a large quantity of orange traffic cones and reroute whole streets.


  1. I've always wanted to do the hair dryer one!!

    Have you done any of these?

  2. NO I havent!!! But they would be hilarious to try!!! Haha...Thanks for dropping by