Monday, September 27, 2010

Death of the Mini-Van...

Ok so...I just would like the world to know that I can't stand MINI-VANS!!! Yeah, I think they are the worst automobile contraption to hit the planet Earth and in fact they are the most unattractive vehicle in this entire universe. I think there should be a recall on ALL mini-vans and everyone should drive SUV's or something else cool. My family use to own a hunter-green Dodge mini-van (gross!) and I use to think it was like a mini-bus (yikes!).

Anyhoo, they are annoying, fugly and drive me nuts on the highway. I mean, can you imagine someone trying to speed in a mini-van??? I see it all the time and it baffles me because I honestly don't understand how this vehicle is "suppose" to be family-oriented and people abuse it for other purposes (i.e. drag racing, picking up girls etc.). What really kills me is when people have those signs stuck to their windows that read "baby on board" and clearly they disregard that message when they try to cut people off in 65 MPH lane!!!!!! AND HALF THE TIME THERE IS NO KID IN THE CAR (talk about false advertisment)!!! People seriously need to choose another ride option because we need to RIP all mini-vans IMMEDIATELY!!!! So if you know a mini-van abuser or a mini-van user, please encourage them to change vehicles. It's 2010 and mini-vans are so 90' duh!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by today! I don't understand minivans either and I swore I would never be "that mom". More of an SUV kinda gal!