Monday, October 4, 2010

Gripe me crazy: sentimental cards!!!

The other day I went shopping at the Red Dot Boutique (aka Target) and I was in need of buying a birthday card, a wedding card and some "thank you" cards for other people. Unfortunately, I wasn't successful in capturing ANY of these cards because...all the card messages SUCKED!!! The messages are either too: boring, mushy, lame, or just don't make sense! I really hate going card shopping for any occasion because it's suppose to be a five minutes operation to pick out a card but it takes me 5 HOURS just to even half-way like it. So I know you are thinking, why not go with a blank card right? Yeah no! Depending on the occasion (and who it is), blank cards don't always fancy me much and usually they SUCK in design because they are so plain (sigh).

I never thought card shopping could be so difficult but I hate to buy a card and not support the message. Anyhoo, I'm not sure how to combat this issue other than to express it to you all out there. I can't be the only one with this problem! There has got to be a time (or two) where you were in a rush to buy a card for some occasion and you just weren't satisfied with the selection?

Another thing that annoys me about sentimental card shopping is when THERE ISN'T ENOUGH ENVELOPES!!! I mean hello? How do you run out of envelopes? It's like the most important step in giving someone a card sheesh! Whenever they run out of envelopes for a particular card, they should just remove the darn card!! It really sets the consumer up for false hope in thinking they have an exceptional card but no envelope to fit it!!! What a tacky business practice...smh!

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