Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heard of "Minx" but have you heard of "Chic Prints?"...anyone...

I was reading over Tee's blog Luxe Little Things (don't forget to leave a comment and tell her I sent you!...hello Ms. Tee by the way!) and she had a cool post about getting the hook up on uber chic nails! With Halloween like two days away, I know some of you like to get creative to the max and what better way to add some style by going with an easy self-application of the "knock-off" Minx product. I knew someone was going to come out with a cheaper version (Minx have to put on by a professional and they are usually about $60 a pop!...I think my pockets just popped) and thank the sweet beauty geniuses who did! Well OPI created the product for Sephora and apparently they aren't that bad once they are own. So stop by the Luxe Little Things blog and check out Ms. Tee's experience with her "Chic Prints."
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  1. Ooo, thanks for the shout out! <33

  2. No problem dear! It was a great post so I just had to spotlight it here :)