Thursday, October 21, 2010

My near death experience...

What appeared to be the start of a good day, drastically took a turn for the worse. I was on my typical a.m. commute (like the rest of the world) until this white vehicle failed to stop at their traffic light. That's right! I was sitting at a three-way intersection, waiting for my light to change THEN the light changes and this white mini-van flew through their red light (luckily I ALWAYS cautiously approach an intersection before I turn) and the mini-van didn't even bother to stop or even so much as acknowledge that they CLEARLY just went through a red light. And you want to know why I almost lost my life today? ALL BECAUSE THE PERSON WAS ON THEIR CELL PHONE!!! It's crazy! I mean there are laws that tell you not to be on the phone, Oprah has a campaign about it and STILL we all do it (that's right I am guilty on occasion). Sometimes I wish there was such thing as "citizen police" because I would of loved to give that guy a ticket for almost flying into my car. I am totally counting my lucky stars today is too short and it is most definitely too short to lose it over a CELL PHONE....

P.S. I eventually caught up with this mini-van during my drive and I even took a picture of the car AND I was going to put it up here to publicly humiliate them BUT I decided not much for having a heart!

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  1. Sorry to hear about that! You know i was in the US the last 3 weeks and i was amazed at the number of people with their mobiles in end whilst driving :O

    I dont know but here i think that the penalty is hefty if you get caught. Maybe it is a deterrent that is not available in the US?