Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And the WINNER is...

Hi dolls! Sorry I haven't been that active this has been pretty crazy but once I get off this mad horse I will be back on the blog tube yipee!!! And without further adieu, the winner of my FIRST giveaway sponsored by Eucerin Skin Care products is BLOGGER AUTUMN-RAIN! Congrats! Your prize is above ( will be on the way to you by mail)! Enjoy doll! As you know, I posted "Skin Tips of the Day" from Eucerin that I hoped encouraged you all to put your "SkinFirst" for the betterment of your health and the health of others. I also asked in my giveaway details for bloggers to pick a tip and tell me how one tip has helped them take steps in making their skin more of a priority and why? Here is what my WINNER Autumn-Rain (also known as Chanel) said:

"The skin care tip from your blog that has indeed helped make a difference in my skin is your post about Moisturizing. With the winter approaching, many people don't think they should still moisturize their skin because it's not visible. However, you were spot on that failing to moisturize so can damage the skin. Also, thanks for the information that the cold air takes water from the skin ... I had no clue that's why it was I know."

P.S. I never thought holding a giveaway would be kind of tough but I lived and I learned from my experience. I am looking forward to holding more giveaways in the future and I am open to any advice or new giveaway ideas! Leave a comment...thanks xoxo!

Still want more Eucerin? Then don't forget to take your SkinFirst pledge here!

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  1. THANKS for my prize!!! I can't wait until the mail man comes! I enjoy reading your blog Ari! :) xoxo