Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday is Soooooo OVERATED

While most people are recovering from Thanksgiving dinner, others are in “attack mode” toder to sweep the shelves of Black Friday. WHY? Because their nuts! I will NEVER in a milli years understand what the BIG deal (no pun intended) is about Black Friday??? Like seriously? Who really finds the time in 364 days out of the year to plan for this one freaking day and FOR WHAT? A Plasma TV? Toys for their child? (Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?) I have worked my fair share of retail gigs and I have worked a Black Friday before and people literally morph into Mortal Combat creatures to intimidate and to gain what they want. It’s crazy! To me this is a sad time of year because this really showcases a lot of people’s greed (and materialistic importance) and they will kill, beat, lie and steal from others because they just have to have it all (it should never be THAT serious). I wish more people would use this type of passion toward more alarming factors that plague our world (i.e. making sure every corner of the world has clean drinking water, eradicating human trafficking, helping Katrina victims, ending world hunger, helping the people of Haiti, practicing greener lifestyles etc.). There are far more serious things going on in the world than camping outside of a store all night to get your kid the latest and greatest toys for the holidays. Where are the priorities people?


  1. Ari omg you are so right.It's sad. Ihave been been to a black friday sale before and I was thinking I may try it out next year and camp out hahah Ill send you pic of my tent.

    In all seriousness.. I agree. I mean are the sales even that good??

    P.S. The fact that you fed the homeless this holiday makes me so proud to have you as a sister. I'm going to do a blog roll on my blog and shout you out soon :) xoxo

  2. Wow what the hell is this day? Sorry am in the UK and this sounds like madness to me!!!

    But i guess here we have something similar where people queue on Boxing Day (after Christmas) at 5AM IN THE STREETS for a bloody TV...People are just stupid!


  3. @Chanel- You almost brought me to freakin tears!!! I love you back xoxo! P.S. I got pics from my feed the homeless efforts so just lemme know if you want to include photography in your blog shout out xoxo!

    @Lady Noix De Coco- LOL..."Across the pond from you" the day after Thanksgiving is considered to be Black Friday. It's the one day out of the year that all major retailers apparently have the best deals on anything you want and yes even the freakin TV madness. People sometimes die from the large stampede!!! It's very scary and very crazy. Most people use Black Friday to get deals on their X-mas shopping sigh...I'll never really understand the hype tho!