Friday, November 26, 2010

Eucerin Skin Tip of the Day + Giveaway

You may be telling yourself: “I use moisturizers and cleansers on my body when I shower, is that good enough?”

When you’re cleaning and moisturizing, don’t forget about your hands. Some people tend to forget how important they are to overall skin health and focus on their face and neck. Your hands get into everything, from scalding hot water in the kitchen sink to the freezing cold outdoor temperatures. You can protect your hands by choosing washes and moisturizers designed to replace lost moisture and promote skin’s natural renewal process. Also, when going outside in the cold weather, always wear gloves!

***ONE lucky winner will win a Eucerin Smoothing Plus Essentials and Intensive Repair Plus Hand Crème! Check out entry details here! Giveaway ends November 30!


  1. Oh man, my hands get so dry this time of year. It is awful. Sometimes I even slather my hands in Vaseline, put socks over my hands, and sleep like that for the night. That usually helps for a coupe days. But yes, I agree, hand care is very important =)


  2. @Whitney! I know! It's crazy how the cold weather sucks the life out of your skin, making it so dry

    @Jet-Setting Diva-I just reposted giveaway details at the top of my blog :)