Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis' the season of break ups...AGAIN!

I think R&B singer, Jazmine Sullivan said it best, “Why do we LOVE love when love seems to hate us?” Coping with a broken heart is never easy and neither is “the break up” process so why does it always seem to happen? It’s the cycle of life and the cycle would not be complete unless we had different periods throughout the year that serve as the “break up” season. With the holiday’s approaching much like a bat out of hell, most people end up breaking up for two reasons: A) There is usually conflict about whether or not the twosome will be exchanging gifts or B) Everyone’s favorite…is he/she worthy of meeting my parents during the holidays? Now if you are a fairly new couple, then I don’t expect either of these issues to be a nuisance in your relationship (if it is, then it’s probably over “A”) BUT if you are one of those couples who have been together for at least year plus, then I hope you come ready for a war.

The holiday’s are always the time where you see the TRUE colors of your partner and you might just realize a break up is appropriate (maybe not over A or B but you may see your partner differently). For instance, some couples argue about the spending limit on gifts (or if even gifts are important to the relationship) others argue about feeling as though their partner is “ashamed” of them because they haven’t met their family (or you may discover they aren’t worthy to meet the parental unit so you wonder why you are even in this relationship?). Soooo…if you feel like you are in this boat, just keep your cool. Sometimes your significant other might even try to use silly reasons (like the ones above) to separate from you anyway but they just needed a reason to initiate the break up. Remember life is too short to be miserable! So LIVE and BE MERRY!! *Words to the Wise: If you are experiencing a lover’s quarrel, just tell em’ to kick rocks with no socks and Happy Holidays in advance (big smile)!

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