Thursday, December 9, 2010

Believe It or Not: Incredible Edible CLOTHES?

Yes you read the title correctly! Have you ever seen a dress made out of gum? Did you ever think a dress could be made out of banana peels? What about out of chicken? I just love finding (shout out to Yahoo!) the most bizarre fashion collections because they always seem to spark up a “delicious” conversation (pun intended) and I knew I had to share it. Here are my top three picks and they were all designed by Sung Yeonju!...Can you guess the materials of the dress? Answers are at the bottom!

Dress 1) Bubblegum; Dress2) Eggplant and Dress 3) Tomatoes

Hungry for more? See the full article and more collection pieces at the Shine from Yahoo,click >>here<<

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