Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Color Me Honeysuckle for 2011!

Although the words, "New Year, New You" tend to be overused (sigh), what better way to start off the New Year in a NEW color. Many people don't realize it but what your wear (more specifically, the colors you wear) tends to tell a person a couple things about you. For next year, Pantone announced the color as honeysuckle which is more of a pinkish hue. Is it just me or when you hear “honeysuckle” you instantly think of the color yellow? I guess yellow was a farfetched assumption (sigh). How do you feel about this color?

So I found a picture of a honeysuckle flower and clearly yellow exist!! I WIN (big smile)


  1. I think of yellow when I hear honeysuckle...but I'm more of a black n green person..always wearing one of those colors...but never together ( I know it sounds weird, but green is my fav color and black is a sexy and sophisticated color)

  2. Green is my favorite color too :) And black is a close 2nd favie color of my mine considering most of wardrobe consists of that color lol... Yeah the whole honeysuckle color confuses me but hey that's fashion I guess...